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Our Process

We provide a one-time complimentary consultation to meet each client and review the scope of the landscape project. This involves the overall landscape design, consultation fees for project management and hiring of all subcontractors.


Our Design Process

During the initial meeting, the vision, style and parameters of the project are discussed.

Photos will be taken at the initial meeting or during a follow-up.

We will review the following:

- Landscape Design Elements

- How the space will be used/experienced

- Site Drainage

- Lighting Requirements

- Irrigation

- Pool/Fountain/Water Features

- Hardscape

- Seasonality and location of plants

- Privacy Issues

- Maintenance

- CC&R's / Zoning / Permits

- Site Survey

- Timing of project

Once we gather this information, we'll visit the site once again to take some preliminary measurements and

prepare a Professional Design Fee which lays out the scope of services. As your hired professional, we'll provide

you with conceptual designs. Once approved, a final set of drawings will be provided for construction to begin.



The design process is just the beginning of the project. At each stage of the actual construction, onsite management is key to the success of the overall job. This involves overseeing that quality materials are sourced, quoted and approved before installation.

Onsite visits are necessary to ensure the vision of the design is accomplished as each trade phases in. When the unexpected happens, we provide quick solutions to meet the client's expectations.



Some clients seek the professional experience and guidance we can provide on a project. In these cases, we draw from years of working on luxury homes, residential / condo communities, commercial and city projects to offer consulting services. Through strong relationships with respected builders, architects, designers, and other trades in Sarasota/Manatee counties, we'll take on the legwork and provide sound advice for a small investment.

*Management and Consulting services are billed by the hour.*